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    Message of the week 04 - 08 May 2020

    Week 19 | 2020
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    Tune into change

    We are in the 20th year of the 21st century, and with the first quarter of the first year of the 2020s behind us, we are already well-acquainted with the disruption that this decade brings as technology, geopolitical and social trends that collide to create new organisational and societal realities.

    The decade started with a pandemic that has changed the world and those leaders who are tuned into change will recognise that now is the time to seize opportunity, while the rest of the world reels. It might not be comfortable, or indeed easy, but organisations that are able to tune into change and learn, unlearn and relearn faster than their rivals, will thrive in the face of uncertainty, and continually evolve to deliver remarkable results.

    Our role as leaders is to amplify the distinct human capabilities inherent in our teams, and to further explore the synergies of human-machine collaboration. This article offers some helpful tips to surviving and thriving in 2020:

    Be a force for good: Something that we’ve always known at Kyocera is that to be competitive, we also need to contribute to society. Companies that do not contribute will lose advantage.

    Build a culture of innovation: Innovation is already a part of our DNA at Kyocera, which means we are at an advantage when it comes to taking a dynamic approach to embracing all that technology has to offer.

    Embrace the new logic of competition: Competitive advantage isn’t what it used to be, with the result that leaders now need to focus less on spreadsheets and more on developing capabilities that will allow organisations to evolve and grow sustainably.

    Be diverse AND inclusive: Organisations with diverse management teams have been shown to have higher profit margins than companies with below-average diversity. It’s becoming clear that diversity is another way in which we can leverage advantage in the near future.

    Now more than ever, the words of Kazuo Inamori, founder and chairman emeritus of Kyocera Corporation ring true: “We believe that decisions and actions in daily life should reflect the criterion of “What is universally right,” and not “What best suits our own interests.”

    To pave a path to our future, we need to stay tuned into change, we need to unlearn and relearn and stay in a constant state of adaptation. 

    Werner Engelbrecht  - General Manager - KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa

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