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    Remote Working

    The definitive guide for businesses and employees.
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    Discover what organisations must address and the best practices for remote workers to achieve a competitive advantage.

    Kyocera Document Solutions has championed innovative technology since 1934. We enable our customers to turn information into knowledge, excel at learning and surpass others. With professional expertise and a culture of empathetic partnership, we help organisations put knowledge to work to drive change.

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    What are the critical challenges in remote working?

    New sources of cyber-risk

    Potential security gaps have been multiplied by the number of employees working from home. Remote workers can be an unforeseen and uncontrolled vulnerability, especially when a very high percentage of the workforce is involved.


    Something as simple as locking a computer when taking a break will prevent strategic plans, personal databases or profit and loss statements from being seen by third parties living under the same roof, thus breaching important employee confidentiality agreements with the company, and the company with stakeholders.

    Home discipline and routines

    Human Resources departments should make an effort to care for the health of employees, and this includes recommendations on how to disconnect from work. There is already a lot of research linking remote working to depression, loneliness and anxiety.

    New platforms, new communication

    In some cases we’re blind to each other’s stress and we can be annoying. With so many messages it can be easy for things to be missed or misunderstood. Contextualising and getting to the point are two ingredients of effective communication via chat or email.

    Project and delivery management

    There are many task management platforms, as well as methods to organise tasks in order to meet deadlines. In any case, organising a production and delivery schedule, as well as encouraging proper time management, is the best way to maintain efficiency levels.

    Excesses and defects

    There are remote workers who won’t leave their seats until the job is done. There are others for whom the bark of a neighbour’s dog or a roommate’s noise will distract them. There are solutions for everyone.

    Get all the advantages of remote working

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      Increase confidence

      Remote workers will feel the confidence that is placed in them to carry out their work without “Big Brother” watching them.

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      Increase loyalty

      Creativity, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking are not possible without people who are satisfied with their life and work.

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      Increase performance

      Studies show that employee performance increases when working from home by 13%.

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      Be ready for what’s next

      The advantage of being prepared for what is coming: new generations understand the possibility of remote working as a ‘must’.

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    Get a copy of the Ultimate Remote Working Guide

    Download the e-book and discover why your organisation should employ such a policy.

    Discover more about Remote Working

    Protect your cybersecurity, establish an ideal work-life balance and create a consistent work from home policy.

    • Common cybersecurity threats when working at home

      Protecting data in the age of remote working is one of the great challenges facing today’s businesses.

    • Technology can help you communicate effectively

      The immediate need for increased enterprise mobility will be underpinned by communication and driven by technology.

    • Mental health when working remotely

      For many of us, remote working means being out of our comfort zones.

    • 4 Tools required for remote project management

      Streamlining processes and mobilising teams to produce quality work and meet deadlines is paramount for companies using remote working.

    • What should a working from home policy look like?

      Clear definition of your organisation’s approach is essential to making remote working successful.

    Discover solutions that assist in working remotely

    • KYOCERA Enterprise Content Management

      Document Management is now even more effective

    • Electronic and Digital Signature Solutions

      Paper-based ink signing is no longer an effective tool for document approval in today’s competitive digital business environment.

    Download the Remote Working infographics

    Benefit from the insights of Kyocera’s ultimate guide to remote working!

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