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Improve the hospitality industry through digitalisation

The hospitality industry knows getting ahead will make a difference in this tough economic climate.
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COVID-19 has affected many industries and the hospitality industry is no exception. In fact, it is one of those most affected during the pandemic.

Research has shown that it could take at least two years for this industry to recover. As international travel resumes, it should start returning to the levels experienced before COVID-19.

The Hospitality Industry is no stranger to challenges

The travel industry has always operated in a dynamic and fast-paced environment and being agile and responsive is more challenging now than ever before.

The “New Normal” for the tourism industry

As the sector establishes some form of normality, striving for excellence is crucial. It is all about offering exceptional service. Efficient operations behind the scenes, – from maintenance to housekeeping, bookings, stock taking and ordering – all adds to providing quality service and enhancing a guest’s satisfaction in the foreground.

New technologies come to the rescue

With the help of technology and our team of industry experts, business optimisation, streamlining of processes and cost cutting, it would pave the way towards long term sustainable success.

Our effective, maintenance management software turns complex workflows into simple processes and through streamlining, managing, and protecting important documents,
resources are freed to focus on customers. The resulting reduction of administrative overheads, secure, easy and accurate records keeping and reporting, which all contribute to greater workflow efficiency, better control and cost cutting. In addition to this, the enablement of multiple parts of the business to work together contributes to achieving improved productivity and easy collaboration.

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Excellence with integrated printing solutions

Operations in the industry deal with multiple suppliers which all have costs attached to their services. We are able to amalgamate the services into a single provider that can be easily managed and held accountable. The result assists with capping costs and assigns ownership with ease. Consolidation is a bonus for the hospitality industry and is especially important for recovery during difficult economic times.

We support sustainability with eco-friendly solutions

Sustainable and eco-friendly solutions are fast gaining traction in hospitality and other industries. It’s an industry that survives and thrives on an excellent reputation. 

Hotels and other hospitality brands can enhance their image by showcasing environmentally-friendly credentials. At Kyocera, we hold up our end of the environmentally-friendly deal by manufacturing eco-friendly products that are built to last for the office environment. 

1.   We don’t use styrofoam for packing materials.

2.   Our designs and technology are eco-friendly. These include:

  • Recycling programmes,
  • ECOSYS printers and MFPs and minimise unwanted sound,
  • Our devices are built to reduce part replacement frequency
  • Energy saving, and
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

3.   We cut costs through print management, thus minimising the use of paper or wastage.

The Kyocera Difference

At Kyocera, we support the hospitality industry by leveraging leading-edge technologies. The industry’s business environment has been challenged and requirements for borderless streamlining of operational process, as well as quick decision making are necessary for long term success. We understand our customers’ business environments and solve document-related issues through our total document solution approach.


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