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    Toner Take-Back Service

    We currently offer a returns service for all used, genuine Kyocera toner cassettes.
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    All Kyocera devices are designed with the environment in mind. We aim to minimise the impact of our products on the planet by reducing the quantity of raw materials contained within them. Kyocera’s cartridge-free print technology reduces the number of components in the toner system by more than 85% on average, consequently reducing the manufacturing and recycling impact of the device.


    Why the need for recycling?

    With the constant evolution of business, there is an emerging need for businesses to act responsibly and accountably in the environment in which they operate. With the use of technology to efficiently execute business operations, comes responsibility. The method in which waste is disposed of has become an imperative consideration and one that requires a better solution than merely filling up a landfill.

    Utilising copiers and printers in business is accompanied by the responsibility of disposing of empty toner cartridges and waste toner bottles in the proper and responsible manner. Consumption of toner is on the rise, hence the volume of waste is increasing. How we treat toner waste in modern society is important, with regards to both our corporate citizenship and the environment.

    Empty toner cartridges are considered hazardous to the environment in their decomposed state. The cost of landfilling is enormous and it is not the best long-term solution for the environment.


    We need to focus on the following questions:

    • What happens to toner waste?
    • How can businesses play an active role in recycling?


    How does the recycling programme work?

    This process is initiated by an end user. The end user will request participation in this recycling programme. Once the quote for administrative charges are accepted, we will then deliver a recycle bin to collect the waste. Thereafter, the below steps will be undertaken to service the end user.

    The process

    The end user will request participation in this recycling programme.
    We will deliver a recycling package: recycling box & a plastic liner.
    Upon instruction to collect, we will collect the waste and deliver a spare collection package to the end user.
    The waste will be delivered to Carbon Footprint Africa for processing
    End user will receive a recycling report.

    Our aim, vision and mission

    • Reduced costs due to landfill avoidance and seeking alternative solutions
    • To represent and promote recycling in business
    • Create a change in perception and raise awareness of the importance of recycling
    • To live and maintain good corporate citizenship
    • To provide a recycling solution and be a source for information to businesses on recycling related matters
    • Raise overall awareness of environmental issues, including the benefits of recycling of toner that would otherwise be left to pollute our environment


    What our solution offers you 

    • Collectively striving towards 0% land refill utilisation going forward
    • Hassle free good corporate responsibility and citizenship
    • Enterprise Development points
    • A recycling certifictae on a quaterly basis

    The Boxes

    Collection Box
    We provide collection boxes at a charge
    Box L:
    Approx. 160 litres 70x 60x40cm Max. 20kg Average 43 units
    The package should fit into: max 60x 30x 15cm, max. l kg
    If possible, use the packaging of your new Kyocera products. If this is not possible, use similar packaging.

    The responsibilities of end user

     1.       Assemble the recycling package according to instructions

    2.       Seal each toner and waste toner individually, according to instructions and place in the plastic bag provided

    3.       Dispose of each toner and waste toner in the recycle bin

    4.       Alert collections@kdza.co.za or call 011 595 2711 to arrange for collection

    5.        The courier will arrive to collect as arranged and the end user just needs to complete a delivery note, which will be provided by the courier

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    Why are Kyocera toners best?

    There may be many options on the market, but only Kyocera toners provide high-quality prints whilst guaranteeing the health of your product.

    Get in touch with recycling team

    Email: collections@kdza.co.za

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