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    Message of the week 3 - 7 June 2019

    Week 23 | 2019
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    The recycling of electronic materials – a new era for innovation

    While the technological boom has accelerated innovation and productivity, it has, much like everything, a shadow side. Mainly, the amount of electronic waste accumulated has devastating effects on the environment. Discarded computers, toasters, printers, microwaves, floppy disks and all things electronic, take inordinate amounts of time to biodegrade. Plastic – a major component of most equipment - takes thousands of years to decompose, contributing directly to the destruction of the earth, and by extension, our future.

    A Reuters report adds that e-waste contains toxic and hazardous materials, like mercury, lead, chromium and chemical flame retardants, which leach into soil and water. What can be recycled is less than 20% of the total volume of e-waste generated worldwide. But, the beauty of a human conundrum however, is that innovation and change-maker thinking arises. The e-waste recycling market is an example.

    Recycling and e-waste processing technology is rapidly developing with e-waste being re-used on a deeper level. The cost of recycling and processing of e-waste is also reducing and the profit levels of e-waste recycling enterprises is increasing. A recent global forecast shows that at the end of 2025, the market will reach USD19 billion.

    With World Environment Day on the 5th June, we at KDZA have reflected on our place in the e-waste recycling market. Critically, we pursue the 3R strategy of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. We develop 3R-conscious products according to the Eco-friendly Development Standards. We ensure that we align with the reduction of the number of parts; the reduction in product weight; the use of recycled plastic; and reused parts. We set numerical targets for each evaluation item for each production stage.

    If you’re interested in how to make your office-equipment procurement greener, click here. One of the first places to start is aiming to reduce your paper usage. We’re behind you all the way in greening the way you do business.

    Natalie Lombard - Environmental Management Systems Manager - KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa 

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