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    Message of the Week 29 November - 3 December 2021

    Week 48 | 2021
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    Reshaping Productivity

    Earlier this year, Kyocera Document Solutions partnered with The Economist Intelligence Unit to gain a meaningful understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on staff productivity. The result was the Reshaping Productivity report, which was published at the end of September and shows that 39% of businesses increased productivity with remote work during covid restrictions.

    To arrive at its findings, The Economist surveyed more than 360 global business executives and conducted an in-depth interview with experts in the field from companies such as Google, Mercer and the Human Capital Leadership Institute.

    Although 32.6 per cent of those surveyed reported a decline in productivity, and the remaining 28.5 per cent saw no change, the study found a strong positive correlation between increased remote productivity and employees’ support for the uptake of digital tools, such as collaboration tools, digital workflow solutions and online project management applications. The report also shows that one in five executives who witnessed a decrease in productivity in the study said that it was because they hadn’t fully implemented the remote working capabilities needed for their staff to work from home effectively.

    The study results confirm our suspicions and our findings locally, which is that clients that have invested in the right tools to enable their employees to work from home are definitely benefiting in terms of productivity gains, business continuity, resilience, and innovation in the current environment.

    Even as businesses begin returning to the workplace, many are trying to adopt more flexible, future-proofed working styles that allow a mix of office-based and work-from-home. When backed by the right tools, these hybrid work models or smarter workplaces allow more personal flexibility and staff well-being without compromising on productivity.

    By taking steps to invest in right technology, businesses can make a clean transition to hybrid work models, while simultaneously buffering the adverse effects of future lockdown scenarios.

    Discover more insights into remote work productivity and download the full report by visiting the Reshaping Productivity ebook download page.

    Gareth Fletcher - Corporate Sales Manager - KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa

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