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    Message of the week 4 - 8 February 2019

    Week 06 | 2019
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    Mindset - A more tolerant attitude leads to economic growth 

    Whether you read the newspapers, listen to the radio or watch tv, it feels like the sky Felicity Duncan’s introduction for the Biznews newsletter and it is worth sharing.

    She says:- “I’m reading an interesting book by an Irish economist, David McWilliams (who is currently visiting SA) called Renaissance Nation. In it, McWilliams tries to explain Ireland’s remarkable economic growth – the fastest among Western nations for the last few decades – with reference to the changing mindset. His theory is that as the nation became more open-minded, tolerant, and liberal, and less religious, insular, and prejudiced, their country’s economy grew. A more tolerant attitude led to economic growth.

    Yet a recent study in the US and UK found the reverse – it found that voters in economically weakening areas tended to vote conservative and voters in economically strengthening areas tended to vote for the left. In other words, McWilliams thinks that tolerant attitudes towards immigrants, women’s empowerment, and so on, cause economic growth, while the other authors suggest that economic growth causes tolerance.

    ”It’s an interesting concept, and one with implications for South Africa. Certainly as

    KYOCERA, we have spent many years working towards a corporation that is tolerant and upholds the value of its people and waves the flag of an open and growth mindset.

    Closer to home, we would like to lead the way in creating relationships with channel partners that are built on trust, integrity and an open-minded vision for the future.

    We want to work with you, our partners, synergistically, to manage and grow your business so that together we can deliver the best possible solutions. Our aim is to continue to provide a cohesive, all-round solution that includes advice, quality products and an exceptionally high level of support, all within a transparent framework so that our growth mindset translates into growth itself. Our tagline #wegotyourfuture is as relevant now as it was last year.

    As part of our aim to cover #WeGotYourFuture, we’re participating in the ITWeb Cloud Summit on the 12th February. If you haven’t already, book your ticket and come listen to the panel discussion on “Moving to the cloud: How it can affect a business’s digital ambition and journey.” https://v2.itweb.co.za/event/itweb/cloud-summit-2019/

    We’re also a Silver Sponsor of the Governance Risk and Compliance event on the 20th February at The Forum in Bryanston. https://v2.itweb.co.za/event/itweb/governance-risk-and-compliance-2019/

    Sharon Peché - Marcom Manager - Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa

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