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    Message of the Week 14 - 18 June 2021

    Week 24 | 2021
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    Managed Print at the forefront of remote work solutions

    Although the need for safe and effective remote-working tools has been around for some time, COVID-19 has catalysed the need for entire organisations to design flexible digital workspaces that are productive and secure, regardless of where their employees are working. 

    This article looks at what these future digital workspaces need to include. From a print management perspective, this is an exciting development because according to the author of the article, Rob Enderle, “The seventh component calls for ‘print management’ to better assure security for printed material and make sure printers remain up and running when needed.”

    In a Forbes article titled ‘Evaluating The Digital Workspace Ecosystem’, print management is listed as important for the digital workspace ecosystem, with its author Robb Henshaw stating, “Printing remains a business-critical function for many organisations and is key to a smooth user experience in digital workspace environments. Organisations often find that the built-in printing solutions can be less than adequate, or lack the centralised management features required for providing robust print solutions for remote users that are manageable and secure. Print management solutions provide businesses with the tools needed to securely manage print devices, regardless of the type of endpoint device, in a single management interface.” 

    Cybersecurity has long been a mainstay of our Managed Print Services (MPS) offerings and the recognition of this important component can only increase as the working world recognises the need for comprehensive, safe digital solutions.

    Kyocera Document Solutions was recognised in the 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customer survey on Managed Print Services in the Digital Workplace. Our service ranked highest in the categories of Evaluation and Contracting, Planning and Transition, and Delivery and Execution. We believe this indicates that the Kyocera MPS programme is extremely well-organised, and that customers in general found the experience easy, pleasant and beyond satisfactory. 

    Managed print services is a crucial area of our business and will only become more important as firms continue to look for opportunities to optimise their work environments. As efficient tools for remote connection become increasingly important, the demand for MPS and other services continues to increase, with their roles ever-more vital to keeping workflows efficient in the face of disruption and adversity.

    We’re delighted that Managed Print Services, our comprehensive document optimisation offering for reduced costs, less downtime, and improved security is considered an important tool for remote workers to remain productive and secure.

    Greg Griffith - Hardware Product Manager - KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa

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