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    Message of the Week 9 - 13 November 2020

    Week 46 | 2020
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    In praise of virtual experiences

    Concepts like the Fourth (and even Fifth) Industrial Revolution have been bandied about for a while now, but it took a global pandemic for the world to truly embrace the potential of digital technologies in our everyday work and personal lives. The future of digital is now. It’s here and it’s exciting. 

    As a result of Covid, we’ve had to adapt how we spend our time. Whereas in the past, we might have spent our precious leisure hours socialising with friends or spending hours in the traffic to attend a concert, today many leisure experiences are virtual. This in itself presents an opportunity because it opens us up to trying different things.

    It’s now possible to attend online music events hosted by local and international artists or participate in a virtual Masterclass by award winning authors, chefs and photographers. You can even visit a museum from the comfort of your home.

    From a business perspective, KDZA management team recently attended a virtual presentation by Clem Sunter at a fraction of the price we would normally have paid, and with the added bonus that there was no travel time for anyone. This is a great example of how it is now easier to create memorable experiences that connect our businesses and our brands with our customers.

    And there are plenty of other examples of how technology is being positively employed:

    • As business undergoes change, companies are realising the power of technology to unify dispersed, global talent.
    • Virtual learning and telehealth are becoming more advanced and could deliver health and educational benefits throughout the world.
    • Fairs, exhibitions, B2B events and conferences will take on a different shape in a post-Covid future, combining actual and virtual events and thereby allowing more people to attend.
    • Virtual business is a reality.

    There are many reasons to be optimistic that the virtual world will provide benefits for the physical one, although sometimes there is nothing better than a catch up in person.

    Also, virtual is now clearly not only about keeping staff safe (and the cash coming in), it has proven to save time and costs in terms of travel and other other expenses. In these unprecedented times, it’s a way of fostering growth and development. By adopting a growth mindset, we can embrace the all opportunities that technology has to offer and thrive.

    Ian Dury - Business Support Manager - Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa

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