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    Message of the Week 30 May - 3 June 2022

    Week 22
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    Have you been asked about AI in printing?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives, whether we realise it or not. AI is embedded in many of our daily actions, from online algorithms to autocorrect, content services, and personal assistants like Alexa.

    In fact, 27% of CEOs say their organisation plans to invest in cybersecurity measures using AI and machine learning, and yet in South Africa we hear trepidation when AI is mentioned.

    The current global economic turmoil has resulted in a significant increase in demand for AI printing to assist firms in dealing with unpredictably changing conditions and remote working. As a result, it's critical for business executives to stay on top of the newest breakthroughs in AI's capabilities, particularly when it comes to increasing efficiency and reducing device output and downtime.

    AI printing can not only be used to increase efficiency and lower costs, but it is also able to deliver on secure print and aids in boosting mobility for remote working. Today's document management systems, when combined with AI, become extensions of the current talented teams, assisting in providing an even better experience for customers.

    AI-driven digital automation eliminates repetitive tasks, such as data entry, freeing workers up to focus on higher-value tasks. A document can be scanned, and the data extracted with minimal human intervention. This simple, yet powerful, tool increases productivity while reducing human error. AI printing also significantly improves the printer’s data security, through the ability to monitor print activity and verify network user access more quickly and easily.

    Additionally, organisations can reduce waste and printer downtime through AI-powered predictive maintenance and self-diagnosis functionality.

    Now is the time to adopt AI-powered printers

    The growing influence of AI printing is undeniable, and it will determine business success in the digital era. Those that adopt it today will surpass their competition and generate a new value stream for their company. 

    Greg Griffith - Senior Product Manager - KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa

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