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    Message of the week 14 - 18 October 2019

    Week 42 | 2019
    Paper with writing on it and arrow gesture

    Ensuring a future fit organisation 

    The team at TomorrowToday believe that futurists are essential to the wellbeing of every level of business to “build the capacity to see and understand the implications and meaning of change”. They offer a future focussed leadership toolkit and you can sign up to their newsletter, which is a great resource for anyone who realises the need to keep an eye on future trends.

    I recently received an email from them that looked at seven challenges to ensuring a future fit organisation. The points touched on things like not allowing current successes to lead to complacency; not allowing your business to become too inward focussed and scanning the horizon for threats and opportunities; the need for adaptability; staying true to your values; the need for constant learning; failure to understand the importance of reputation; and acknowledging that every business model has a sell-by date and needs to be challenged.

    In line with not being complacent or too inward focussed, the need for adaptability, staying true to your values and constant learning, Kyocera globally embarked on a renewed brand identity project in 2018. In April this year, we unveiled our renewed brand identity. Changing a brand is a major decision for any company, but with our eyes to the future, we recognised that we needed to consolidate our global image to overcome the dynamic challenges of the global and technology market ecosystem. Our renewed branding includes a comprehensive set of communications tools, including visual gestures in handwritten style, unique graphic icons, specific photographic style, grid pattern and a bold new colour palette.

    We’ve also created a statement of intent, as well as a clear set of application guidelines to outline exactly how, when and why specific branding may or may not be used. By creating clarity around our intent and branding, we believe Kyocera Document Solutions is, and will continue to be, an innovative company that maintains unified efforts globally and actively collaborates with its partners and customers to create future-fit businesses that thrive.

    With regards to Partner Branding Guidelines, we have received the bulk of the approved guidelines, however, we are still waiting for a few integral aspects of the guidelines document to be officially signed off by the project team and Kyocera Japan.

    However, let’s not let this stop us from making some great ideas come to life. Contact the Marcom Dept, should you require any guidance with regards to the renewed branding identity or assistance with partner branding guidelines at marcom@dza.kyocera.com.

    Sharon Peché - Marcom Manager - KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa

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