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    Message of the Week 15 - 19 June 2020

    Week 25 | 2020
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    Electronic and Digital Signature Solutions

    We have moved into a new era where we’ve been forced to think and work differently, where the “old fashioned way” is legacide. (legacy + suicide). 

    A dramatic rise in digitalisation means that we’ve had to move from traditional written signatures, to digital signing to conclude transactions, maintain electronic records and meet regulatory record-keeping requirements. 

    Forging a signature is one of the oldest forms of fraud. Luckily this issue has been addressed with our cloud-based systems, which provide a totally secure out-of-band mechanism to transfer sensitive documents to recipients, with a full audit trail and proof of delivery. Digital signing solutions now vastly improve the speed of sending sensitive documents and ensure that the business is never held up by complicated paper processes. 

    Electronic document signing technology, which applies to online agreements, as well as paper documents, offers our clients many benefits, including convenience and ease of use, speed of document turnaround time, increased productivity, reduced costs, reduced risks and additional document security, accessibility from anywhere, and improved customer experience. With no printing of paperwork, it’s also environmentally friendly. 

    For you, our partners, it is an exciting time to explore the powerful potential of helping your clients be more productive, efficient and agile. 

    Did you know that in South Africa, electronic signatures are approved under the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECTA)? 

    Although there are some exceptions, most business-related documents can be signed digitally. Standard electronic signatures (SES) are the most widely used e-signatures for business purposes. Any company operating in the country can use e-signatures as a signing method, and they have the same legal binding status as wet ink applied or handwritten signatures. Advanced electronic signatures (AES) are verified by an accredited authority and have a higher level of credibility as they comply with specific requirements. They are binding when a method was used to identify the person, there was intention to sign, approval of the information communicated, and the method used was reliable and appropriate for the purpose. 

    What this means is that you can provide your customers with an easy solution to get documents signed off electronically, ensuring recognition of an authentic and legally binding agreement. 

    Any security concerns of electronic signatures can be easily offset by our Electronic and Digital Signature Solutions. Who wouldn’t want convenience, increased productivity, reduced costs, reduced risks, and improved customer experience? It’s a no-brainer. 

    Recent times have seen an increase in demand for these solutions. If you want to learn more about this solution, just drop us a mail: solutions@dza.kyocera.com. 

    JP Lourens - Solutions Manager - Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa

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