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    Message of the Week 19 - 23 October 2020

    Week 43 | 2020
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    Local is once again lekker

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global awareness that while international trade is important, it is also essential that countries can rely on local products and services. Local has once again become lekker, with numerous countries looking at “re-shoring” their manufacturing efforts to mitigate the risks that globalisation has brought. As economies attempt to re-build from the detrimental effects of the pandemic, there is a renewed focus on local networks and short value chains where we are witnessing uncountable acts of kindness to restore local business relationships.

    As of 17 November 2020, Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa has been in the country for 23 years, continually building on a powerful mix of a long-standing, credible and respected local business in association with an international brand and all that goes with it.

    This balance between local and international puts us at a distinct advantage with our solution offerings. Whether it’s ECM, business automation, digital transformation, or e-signatures, Kyocera understands South Africa’s specific needs. This, in addition to our international support, training, and guidance along with cutting edge technology showcases that the saying “think globally, act locally” is a natural fit for KDZA. 

    Of course, supporting local may never look the same again and while the government has begun the phased re-opening of our economy, we may need to rethink what support for our local vendors and entrepreneurs looks like. At KDZA, we’ve identified four areas where we need to promote local is lekker:


    1. Boost confidence in local trade by continuing to excel in customer service;

    2. Keep supply chains flowing, even if it means doing things differently and finding creative solutions;

    3. Avoid making things worse by seeing export and trade barriers as business blocks. They are just obstacles to work around;

    4. Think beyond the immediate. Keep your head down and do the work, but keep your eye on the horizon, and remain open to whatever the future holds.


    We are proud of our local team which has worked with other South African companies to deliver solutions that benefit us all as a country. Our ongoing success is testimony to the talent within our country and the potential we have to source and innovate locally – defending and, if supported, creating local jobs.

    With our world-class technologies and our evolving, innovative, knowledge-hungry mindsets behind everything we do, I look forward to seeing how the next 20 years unfold in even more incredible ways.

    Gareth Fletcher - Corporate Sales Manager - Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa

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