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    Transforming User Experience Through Digital Tools

    The Kyocera Case
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    For Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa and the hardware industry, it’s time to change. The office printing market may be showing signs of decline, and although at Kyocera we still see potential for growth. For the company we know the need to branch out to other market segments in order to continue developing the way that we have over the past 60 years and more. 

    Part of our transformation means beginning with improving the digital experience we offer. It is our intention to be digital leaders, and have quickly realised that it’s fundamental to have a visually appealing website that gives users a relevant, effective and agile experience, where users find it valuable to interact with our brand. As a result, we identified the importance of giving our stakeholders a unique and consistent user experience across all of our digital channels. 

    This is the thinking behind our new platform, where it is intended to improve engagement ratios and loyalty, to generate leads, and to increase brand awareness and presence. In order to make this a reality, we combined two of the leading content management tools: Adobe and Salesforce. 

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    Just like any business needs the right solutions to reach full efficiency, our European wide website needed the right tools to fulfil its true potential. That’s why we turned to Adobe, using Adobe Experience Manager as a web content management system for content generation. We have also adapted Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics to allow us to understand who our visitors are, discover what they want and to make sure we provided them with the content and experience they’re looking for. 

    Using Adobe Analytics will help us obtain more detailed insights into user behaviours and preferences by analysing absolutely every activity that occurs on our website. As a global company, it will also enable us to compare countries and see which initiatives are most successful in each one, and why. Importantly, each country will be able to harvest data from their websites and make their own decisions without needing an analytics expert on their team. 

    By combining these tools, we are able to perform A/B tests and launch personalised information for different audiences. This should give us the power to reach unknown users – users that we only have cookies for, but to date didn’t know why they were visiting our website. By analysing and implementing rules, we will provide our users with shortcuts to this content once we know what it is that they’re looking for. 

    As soon as this data is collected, the next step is to make it usable, and harness its power to achieve our business objectives. This is where our CRM platform, Salesforce comes in where we will have both platforms integrated and therefor working together bilaterally. 

    For example, a form is set up to allow users to download a white paper from Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa which is then also set up on Salesforce and embedded on a page created by Adobe. Adobe tools will analyse how visitors got to the page, how much time they spent there, and much more. Lead nurturing campaigns can then be created using Salesforce, and will function to either give users more information, or to send invitations to events. 

    Effectively, we will be able to identify what is of most interest to those who visit our website. Rather than overwhelming them with information, white papers, event invitations and more, we can use this data to cherry pick the opportunities which will be most relevant to them. This not only makes our marketing more efficient, but also provides real value for our customers. 

    By successfully undergoing our own digital transformation on a large scale, across various continents and in a limited time frame, we are sending a clear message to our stakeholders that when it comes to going digital, we are the experts. 

    Given the importance of the user experience in the digital business world, and with our website taking centre stage, being visually appealing is one aspect; including the need to be a platform that works for both us and our clients. By combining the technology of both Adobe and Salesforce we have the perfect combination of digital tools available to us to transform the user experience, to ensure we serve our business objectives and further drive our exemplary digital transformation.

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