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At Kyocera we offer more than just printers

Network printers from KYOCERA
Network printers from KYOCERA

Don’t struggle to make the bottom line – retool your business today with a network printer from Kyocera.

We are a company that will offer more than those unique long-lasting state-of-the-art devices that will ensure you sail a smooth ship; it is all about service delivery par excellence, plus at Kyocera we offer complete document solutions allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your business – and that is to run your business without any distractions.

There are many entrepreneurs whose companies survived the recession yet are still struggling to make the bottom line due to a lack of delegating important aspects of their business, such as making full use of a professional company that could take over servicing multifunctioning devices that is so necessary for the implementation of all those significant tasks which make a business efficient.

If you are interested in getting ahead of your competition by incorporating high print speeds, document solutions as well as other tasks that involve automation, it our job to take care of these for your company to move forward in tough times, maximising the devices you have invested your money in.

For ultimate optimisation it is our duty to propose excellent service delivery which at the end of the day should take priority over actual costs; it is obviously more important to have a device that works than one that does not function properly, but in a recent survey carried out by interviewing 250 candidates, almost 95% of all respondees believe that the most important factor when making an office automation procurement decision, that service far outweighs price every time.

We supply businesses with a top-of-the-range, state-of-the-art selection of network lasers printers, and network colour laser printers, yet we pride ourselves on supporting you and your company by ensuring that you stay ahead of your office automation game at all times with increased efficiency while at the same time cutting costs by offering you an entire document solution that will suit any environment which at the end of the day will guarantee that you are able to up your business a couple of notches.

What you see is what you get;

It is imperative that you don’t only look at the upfront purchase of the hardware of the monthly figure you have been quoted as a single entity because over three years running costs will account for 80% of the expense of your office automation environment which will include the cost to keep your equipment operating, toner and other consumables as well as spare parts, service, labour and electricity. Obviously these are estimates, and real costs will depend on the nature of your business as well as a host of other unique issues.

Consumables are often where customers get caught out by unscrupulous services providers. We offer you a service level agreement and ensure that you know exactly what is and what is not included in the contract; needless to say we will guarantee greater reliability and less waste which will result in reduced costs over the life of your product.

Options will be offered to you that will increase your work flow and make your company operate more efficiently with a system that will ensure that you can save on your bottom line. Whether you are looking for a network printer to assist with your office automation or other multifunction devices, our network laser printer options are able to guarantee you the kind of automation that is essential to the smooth operation of your business, whether you have a small, medium or large enterprise, taking up the challenge to deal with all your needs which we will be only too happy to evaluate and address.

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