Kyocera Toners & Cartridges

KYOCERA Original Toner – The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Excellent image quality offered by the advanced toner and colour technology
  • Increased productivity through greater reliability of the printer
  • More economy and ecology thanks to maximum printer life and guaranteed protection
  • Convenient supply management by using KYOCERA’s technical support
  • Certified with the Blue Angel Award, KYOCERA’s original toners fulfil their obligation to provide a safe working environment
  • KYOCERA original toners contain only four components, making the cartridges easy to recycle

Disadvantages of using non-genuine toner:

  • Your equipment requires higher maintenance than anticipated which results in unnecessary costs
  • Print quality may be affected and/or inconsistent with original design
  • Quality of copies or prints may be less than you would expect
  • Non-genuine toner threatens:

                 o Economic and cost-saving targets
                 o Staff health
                 o Device heath
                 o Document quality
                 o Procurement and administration procedures

  • If using a non-genuine toner in a KYOCERA machine, technical defects or other technical problems caused by the use of a non-genuine toner will not be covered by KYOCERA’s Manufacturer’s Warranty to customers

"Genuine” or “Non-Genuine"?

There are few offices across South Africa that do not have a minimum of one printer or copier. Many companies also look at the option of renting their printer and copier equipment, under contract, coupled with a service agreement that covers toner, repairs and maintenance. With ink and toner being one of the more expensive office consumable, the KYOCERA “genuine versus non-genuine” customer protection campaign looks at the pros and cons of using toner that is not genuine, i.e. not manufactured specifically for the brand of equipment in your office.

Getting your money’s worth?

The decision to buy toner that is not the same brand as your printer is often motivated by cost. Yes, ‘generic’ printer toner is cheaper. However, if you are paying less you should expect less - as essentially generic toner is different to the real thing.

When companies are paying for their toner under contract (at a cost per page), the toner is supplied as part of the agreement. On the rare occasion, suppliers or resellers may supply printer ink cartridges or toner cartridges, claiming that they are genuine, however they are merely a compatible or ‘generic’ product.

Good for your business or theirs?

“Non-genuine” symptoms may include:
• Your equipment requiring higher maintenance than anticipated.
• Print quality may be affected and/or inconsistent with original design.
• The quantity of copies or prints may be less than you would expect.

You may be paying for the real deal, and getting ‘non-genuine’. This in turn translates into a higher margin of profit, per copy, for your supplier. If your printer is displaying the above mentioned symptoms and are concerned, take a wander down to your copier room and check the cartridge.

Why go genuine?

The research and development that goes into developing office equipment extends to all supplementary products, including the toner and ink. The ingredients in a toner are specifically put into the mix to get the most out of a printer or copier, extend its’ life cycle and enhances its performance. It’s a little like taking essential vitamins...

As we operate in such a competitive environment, the big brands across the world will not reveal all toner ingredients, often marking these as trade secrets. The manufacturers of ‘generic’ products may therefore not be adding the essential ingredients required to seamlessly pair toner and equipment.

Printing money for someone else?

At KYOCERA, we have instructed all our distributors to supply KYOCERA clients with only the real deal. This means they are not making that extra 5c per copy other distributors, who are not doing the honourable thing, are. It also means though, that if everyone abides by best practice, our clients will be getting the most from their office equipment, lower maintenance, more efficient use of toner, and better quality all round.

Yes, it is a cut throat business and we want to level the playing fields... by being honest.

This consumer protection campaign is an initiative of KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa.
Count On Us.
Reliable. Efficient. Honest.

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