Corporate Social Responsibility

The KYOCERA Document Solutions group ensures that its business activities are carried out with full transparency based on universal sense of ethics. As a committed corporate citizen, KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa supports the notions of :

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) – which addresses the company’s overall response to economic, social and environmental considerations; and
  • Corporate Social Investment (“CSI”) – which, in addition to its regular business activities, addresses the company’s contribution to the community with a view to uplifting South African society as a whole.

With this in mind, KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa endeavours to use its products to enhance the lives of South Africans who are disadvantaged by economic, social or physical circumstances. We have committed ourselves in making a difference to ensure greater skills transfer in South Africa's previously disdavantaged sectors by sponsoring Potter's Training centre in Soweto . KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa also contributes to Little Eden which aims to develop and enhance the quality of life of mentally handicapped children which relates to one of the key business areas of the KYOCERA Group.

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