Kyocera Document Solutions SA partners with LAWtrust

29 January 2019

New partnership adds further layer of trust, security to KDZA's document management system.

Werner Engelbrecht, Managing Director of Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa.

yocera Document Solutions South Africa has announced a new partnership with LAWtrust, an Etion company specialising in information security solutions, with the current interest being in its electronic and advanced electronic document signing technology.

The partnership integrates Kyocera Document Solutions' core strength of professional document management with LAWtrust's world-leading electronic document signing technology, to provide Kyocera's customers with an easy way to get documents signed off electronically, while being recognised as an authentic and legally binding agreement.

The LAWtrust signing solutions have been designed with standards in mind, which ensures any standards-based PDF reader, such as Adobe, already has the capability built in to validate the authenticity of a signature, thus ensuring a user would be able to identify whether a document has been altered, before relying on it.

LAWtrust technology ensures any digital signature is applied in the correct manner; has even stronger evidential weight than a handwritten signature; and thus can be used in most transactions that traditionally require a paper document trail, such as approvals, contracts and even for certification of original documents. There are, however, specific exclusions of documents that cannot be electronically signed.

The system improves workflows, while also speeding up all processes relating to document management, and helping to reduce costs. That added layer of integrity also creates and maintains trust in the underlying DMS (document management system), which is a vital element in today's security and privacy-focused digital world.

The SigningHub, which is the company's flagship document-signing solution, has been integrated with Laserfiche's award-winning enterprise content management (ECM) system, and as Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa is a major value-added reseller of Laserfiche's solutions, Kyocera will be extending this capability to customers.

The SigningHub solution is securely hosted in the cloud and is entirely Web-based, which is how LAWtrust can offer complete security when it comes to sending and receiving documents, as well as a workflow evidence report with a complete audit trail of the document and signers.

SigningHub benefits include: faster sign-offs; the option for multiple parties to sign the same document; and less paper generated within organisations, which leads to cost-savings while also having a positive environmental impact. The SigningHub interface can be described as being intuitive and easy to use, without the need to download any proprietary software.

Says Werner Engelbrecht, Managing Director of Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa: "The added layer of security and trust created by LAWtrust's innovative electronic signing tools means our customers can rest easy knowing their documents are secured end-to-end, and their workflows enhanced. It also gives them some much-needed peace of mind knowing that their most sensitive and valuable documents are fully compliant with the Electronic Communications Act, and accepted in a court of law."

"LAWtrust and Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship going forward," he concluded.

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