The new kind of signature isn’t an ink one (MOTW19)

10 May 2019

With the amount of paperwork we’re asked to sign, printing out every document becomes cumbersome at best and clumsy at worst. As the world becomes increasingly digital, electronic documents will be the staple way of exchanging and verifying information. It’s why technology has evolved to help us create electronic signatures.

Our mission at Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa (KDZA) is to make our clients’ lives easier and more streamlined. Thus, we partnered with LAWtrust to provide our customers with an easy way to sign off documents electronically.

We looked for an organisation that specialised in information security solutions and world-class electronic document signing technology. Our documents contain all of these elements with the benefit of being an authentic and legally binding agreement.

Here are some of the benefits of this cryptographic technology:

  • Timesaving. Any person, either personally or as a representative of a company, can sign the documents from their mobile, tablet or computer at that moment. This also translates into a saving of time, both waiting and traveling.
  • Greater transparency in the processes. The electronic signature helps to improve transparency in the processes due to the implicit security of the signature itself.
  • Agility and efficiency. All this saving of time and greater transparency, ends up having a greater agility and efficiency of the processes, favouring the relationship with customers and suppliers.
  • More sustainable. This method of authentication clearly contributes to saving paper and electricity considerably, since it is no longer necessary to print and scan documents.
  • Greater control. As for the companies, all the documents are centralised in the platform of the chosen provider and / or in the cloud, thus facilitating access to the departments that use them: marketing, finance, accounts, etc.
  • It offers greater flexibility, since it allows you to work and sign from anywhere.
  • Greater guarantee by preventing the illegally signed document from being used, or falsifying it.

By ensuring our clients have this technology, we’re drastically improving their market and operational efficiencies. Additionally, by offering this, we’re adding tremendous value.

If you haven’t adopted electronic signature technology, what are you waiting for?


Ian Dury

Manager: Business Support

KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa

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