Digital transformation is important, so is security (MOTW30)

27 July 2018

We all know that digital transformation is a vital undertaking for every company in 2018, regardless of what they do.

It’s important because it brings the efficiencies, capabilities, visibility, innovation, and capacity that’s needed to meet this century’s complex business demands. By ignoring it, companies run the risk of condemning themselves to obscurity as their digitally-transforming competitors outperform them at every turn.

But digital transformation is a two-edged sword, and while one edge cuts into inefficiencies and brings performance improvements, innovation, agility, and new revenue streams, the other edge can cut even deeper with the new vulnerabilities it brings.

That means every business needs to put significant effort into balancing their digital transformation plans with measures to protect their new systems from a cyberattack. And it’s not easy – cyberattacks are on the rise and are insidious, smart, complicated, and tough to counter.

The solution is to develop a robust cyber strategy that not only addresses today’s known threats, but the unknown ones too; cybersecurity needs to be tackled head-on and planned for at every step of any organisation’s digital transformation journey, in other words.

Make no mistake, cybersecurity is an organisational issue that needs to be addressed at every level of the business, and the business needs to balance laying the groundwork for its future success with the risks associated with introducing the new digital systems that facilitate it. It’s tough, but it’s both imperative and doable.

KYOCERA has an informative Whitepaper on Document Management Empowerment for Smart CIO’s that covers Digital Transformation and what CIO’s need to think of, which can be downloaded at:

Our years of experience in the document management space position us to assist you and your client’s transition to secure digital document management solutions.


JP Lourens
Software Product Manager
KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa 

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