Hybrid ECM could be the heal-all balm companies need (MOTW7)

16 February 2018

Organisations everywhere are rapidly adopting cloud-based offerings for all of the cost-saving, efficiency-enhancing and productivity-boosting functionalities they offer.

Doing so isn’t quite as easy as flipping a switch, however, as the adoption of cloud services must be done with important issues like ease of access, security, compliance and scalability in mind.

The hybrid cloud approach is proving a popular solution to the above challenges. By maintaining on-premise datacentres for mission-critical functions and complementing those with cloud-based services for less-critical ones, organisations are able to adapt and respond quickly to shifting business requirements.

Hybrid cloud works so well that IDG’s Tech Priorities 2017 report indicated that 47% of organisations plan to increase their hybrid cloud investments.

The hybrid approach can work just as well for Enterprise Content Management, as it’s in every business’s best interest to be able to support the emerging “hybrid world of work” by providing content delivery to their workers from multiple systems, even when they’re not on the company network.

Hybrid ECM manages this by keeping sensitive data on-premise (where it’s subject to strict policy-based administration for security and compliance purposes) and provides quick access to less-critical data via the public cloud.

The core appeal of a hybrid ECM solution is its ability to provide remote access to ECM data, without compromising on security or compliance. Other benefits include the facilitation of enterprise-wide adoption of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, as ECM systems integrate well with diverse data sources, such as cloud-based CRM, ERP, HR management and others.

KYOCERA’s experience as a market-leading provider of a large portfolio of services and solutions that streamline output management come into play here. We are therefore well-positioned to help our customers reap the business benefits of their own hybrid ECM solutions.

Benefits include:

  • Increased operational efficiency;
  • Business process automation (BPA);
  • Electronic forms processing;
  • Reduced overheads on unwanted paper costs;
  • Eliminating waste in legacy processes;
  • Enhanced security and access control to sensitive information; and
  • Becoming records management compliant

As a valued partner of KYOCERA Document Solutions, our consultants can help your organisation benefit from ECM solutions in a hybrid cloud deployment.


JP Lourens

Software Product Manager

KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa 

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