A multi-pronged social strategy is required for success (MOTW20)

18 May 2018

Over the past five years, we have discovered that there is no “one size fits all” social media strategy that delivers exactly what we want, every time. In fact, even strategies we’ve seen show positive results before, don’t always deliver repeat performances under similar circumstances.

We’ve learned this through proactive strategic social media trial and testing, and in so doing we’ve picked up a number of insights that have helped to hone our strategy into what it is today – a continually growing lead generator.

The biggest of our learnings is that to successfully engage with audiences on social media, a multi-pronged “hybrid” approach is necessary, because messaging that resonates with one specific audience, won’t resonate with another.

This came about when the data reiterated that KYOCERA actually has three separate audiences whose interests don’t really overlap:- Those who follow us because of a sports sponsorship; our traditional hardware partners; and the B2C ECM/BPM/BPA audience. Reaching them with a single message just isn’t possible, while one might care about the latest happenings in the ECM space or with the sport, the other really just wants to know what printer to get for their client that’s reliable, fast and cost-effective.

So to that end, we now tailor our messaging to the different audiences, and pump out high-quality but tightly-focused content designed to appeal to their specific needs. This multi-pronged approach helps us hone in on what’s needed, and gives us great insight into our customers that we use to enhance our value propositions further. We’re constantly watching the trends and data and it’s never predictable.

Getting to grips with social media is very much a learning process. As the Co-founder of Intel, Andrew Grove said, “make mistakes faster” this is so we can learn faster and grow quicker. KYOCERA has learned a lot in this vital engagement space, and we continue to refine our strategy for maximum success, as it is an ever changing environment.

It has been encouraging to see channel partners increasing their engagement with KYOCERA on social media, by liking and sharing our posts. In fact, we would like to invite all our partners to do just that. This way, your feed can be instantly populated with tailored content for your followers.

See you online.


Sharon Peche

Marcom Manager

KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa 

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