Education is an opportunity for the channel (MOTW42)

19 Oct  2018

Educational institutes generate a lot of documentation - not just the digital kind through data capture, but physical ones too by way of prints and copies. In fact, you could even say that they run on paper to a large extent.

You may have seen our online banners, displayed on local sites like ITWeb, that tell the public that we’re the right company to partner with when it comes to applying intelligent technological solutions to some of the challenges faced by the education sector.

We’ve put a lot of weight behind this campaign, because we believe there is a lot of potential for the channel to add value there.

As we supply world-class document management solutions through our partners, we’re uniquely positioned to help schools, training facilities, and universities address the challenges they face, and in so doing, achieve two things that are essential to their operations: reducing their costs, while at the same time giving them the right kind of capabilities that enhance the efficiency of their day-to-day operations.

By implementing digital document management solutions that reduce the need to print and copy documents, as well as introducing cloud-based data repositories that make access to the information on those digital documents fast and convenient, we’re able to pass on all of the benefits of the digital age to education institutions.

And more importantly, by partnering with education institutions and encouraging them to draw on our knowledge, we’re able to help them find the balance between their expenditures and the goals they’re looking to achieve – an essential component of any business strategy, and one that applies just as well in the education space.

So be on the lookout for the opportunities presented by educational institutes in need of assistance – we can provide a great deal of value there, to everyone’s benefit.

Ryan Hiscock
MDS Channel Consultant
KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa 

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