Beyond the Rainbow Nation storyline (MOTW 39)

28 Sep 2018

South Africa is culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse, and sewing the colourful threads together of the Rainbow Nation quilt hasn’t been easy. There’s been pin pricks and the unravelling of seams and yet, some of the best businesses and organisations have made diversity a key and central business strategy.
Diversity is part of South Africa’s intrinsic makeup. But social coherence is a work in progress. Heritage Day (each year on the 24th of September) is a celebration of diversity and an opportunity to reflect on the ways in which different people can form effective and efficient social, economic and political networks.
KYOCERA founder and visionary Dr. Kazuo Inamori succinctly explains why diversity is critical in the workplace, and by extension, all of life: “Human minds are said to be easily changeable. Yet, there is nothing stronger than the human mind. KYOCERA developed into what it is today because it is based on the bond of human minds.”
To the bond of our human minds!
We hope you had a wonderful celebration for Heritage Day.
Michelle Frenzel
HR Manager
KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa 

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