A leading FMCG organisation streamlines with Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


An established FMCG organisation based in South Africa was running a time-consuming, manual process to manage pricing claims. Employees needed to capture the details of each claim on a spreadsheet, retrieve and print the proof of delivery slip, and then compile claims into batches of 20, before sending them to the accounts receivable manager to review. Documents sometimes went missing at times, employees were frustrated by the tedium and the loss of time, and there were often long delays between a transaction and the settlement of the claim.


Since this leading FMCG organisation was already using the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software on processes including scanning, storing and managing proofs of delivery, KYOCERA proposed leveraging this existing solution to streamline pricing claim approvals. This would enable them to address its challenges through a solution that could be implemented rapidly and at a relatively low cost.

The ECM software provides the FMCG organisation with powerful features to capture, track documents and to streamline its pricing claims workflow. KYOCERA together with the customer, worked to implement the solution over six months, beginning with putting pricing claims in for larger clients onto the system first.

Customer statement

“The ECM solution has enabled us to eliminate spreadsheets and busy work that had become a pain point in our business. KYOCERA’s team helped us to get the most from our existing ECM implementation and use it to transform our pricing claims process.”— FMCG Organisation

Business Benefits 

  • The solution makes it simple for users to upload a new pricing claim with minimal need to input data and without needing to manually retrieve the proof of delivery.
  • Increased productivity through optimised workflows and reduced downtimes. With the ECM solution, the processing time for 200 claims was reduced from about four days of work to just half a day for one major client.
  • The leading FMCG organisation has better visibility into its pricing claim processes.
  • Documents no longer go missing.
  • There is less margin for human error to creep in as a result of manual data capture.
  • The leading FMCG company is able to maximise the productivity of its team, without needing to allocate more people resources to work on a process that is not strategic or value-adding for the business.


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