KYOCERA, Technology in Education

Your long-term education partner

We have worked closely with SA’s educational sector and over time we have developed a unique insight into the business challenges faced by educators every day. KYOCERA’s solutions for the education sector include:

  • MyQ
  • PaperCut
  • KYOCERA Mobile Print App
  • KYOCERA Net Manager
  • Scannervision
  • KYOCERA ECM & Records Management

Education Solutions

Most educational institutions require optimal efficiency. It’s all about saving time and money. KYOCERA’s HyPAS powered Teaching Assistant transforms your KYOCERA MFP into an on-demand test creating, grading and analysis hub. No more messy papers and red ink-stained fingers. KYOCERA’s Teaching Assistant makes the seemingly impossible possible.

This solution is geared for school systems, as well as other government and private-sector organisations who are in need of a system to scan and process responses from standardised testing forms, surveys and questionnaires.

The solution resides completely on the printer, so there is no added cost or burden on an organisation’s IT infrastructure.


    The solution resides completely on the printer.


    Once a created test’s answer key is scanned in at the printer, test forms can be scanned and graded with the press of a button – saving educators hours of tedious manual labour.


    Includes a range of analytical tools to aid educators in evaluating student performance on a given test.


    Test results are never stored on a PC or server and are erased from the printer upon exiting the program at the device’s control panel, ensuring that unauthorised users cannot access test data.

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