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Screen your company for huge savings potential. Look behind the obvious with KYOCERA MDS.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions for enterprises 

ECM benefits include:

  • Optimised paper driven processes
  • Effective searching and finding of documents
  • Sharing documents between people, without creating duplicates or wasting time merging different versions
  • Security and access control for intrusion prevention and ensuring sensitive information remains private
  • Digitisation of physical documents, thereby reducing storage space
  • Increasing inter-departmental and inter-organisational communication and collaboration.
  • Secure mobile access to documentation

KYOCERA’s hardworking devices and optimal solutions help to increase document security and productivity, reduce company costs and environmental impact, and on top of it all you’ll receive the following brilliant benefits as well:

    Complete cost transparency and savings of up to 30%
    Increased productivity and employee motivation
    Professional and customised, MDS saves you manpower
    Improved environmental and sustainability management
    Improved monitoring and protection of data and documents

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