KYOCERA Cluster Printing

KCP is a solution that allows customers who occasionally need to speed up printing in their environment without having to make large investments, such as purchasing new high-speed machines.


  • Regularly have high volume printing tasks 
  • Have multiple devices, at least 2 located on the same floor
  • Need to reduce waiting time for the main MFP device in an office


KCP is standalone software, offered as a web package with a license. It distributes a large print job between up to four printing devices, effectively accelerating the output speed and increasing printing efficiency. This product offers two key benefits:                                                                         

Maximises printer efficiency in the customer environment:

  • Shorter wait time for large jobs to print 
  • Increased efficiency for device usage

Enables ease of use through single-window UI: 

  • Operation is similar to a printer driver
  • Easy to set up


  • Automated device discovery
  • Display of device properties
  • Display of device status
  • Faster performance by splitting the print job based on device availability and PPM (except for offline devices)
  • Page splitting (split one job to multiple devices)
  • Copy splitting (send same job to multiple devices)
  • Cover page for split jobs
  • Error handling (Reprint, Manually redirect to other devices, Cancel)


Supported Operating Systems - Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Note: KCP does not support client-server environment.

KCP has a trial period in which users can try all of the Professional features for 60 days. When the trial period is over, the application stops working and users will have to activate KCP with a valid license key.

KCP also has a basic license option which differs from the professional version in that:

  • It only support 2 devices
  • It does not support Page Splitting
  • It does not support Cover Page creation for split jobs
  • It does not redirect jobs when one device is offline
  • It does not support error handling (Retry/Redirect/Cancel)


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