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KYOCERA Document Solutions United Kingdom - Environmental Company of the Year

Environmental Company of the Year Award Ceremony

Recognizing the technology of the ECOSYS printer and our efforts towards resolving environmental issues, KYOCERA Document Solutions was elected the Environmental Company of the Year at the Microscope Awards for Channel Excellence (ACE). In addition to our efforts in regard to environmental issues, we were also deemed to have made achievements that set a good example to other companies; an evaluation that was connected to our receiving this award.

KYOCERA's Commitment to the Environment

The 21st century is becoming known as the "environmental century." KYOCERA has known since its early days that business activities can influence the environment and human life. Thus, we established a clear vision to seek harmonious balance between economic development and environmental protection. Our goal is to provide attractive products and services while taking active measures to prevent global warming, reduce waste, promote energy efficiency and conserve resources. Here are some global activites initiated by KYOCERA.

Activities in Europe

  • Activities in Germany
  • Activities in United Kingdom
  • Activities in America, Australia, Africa
  • Activities in Asia

KYOCERA UK - 10:10 Climate Pledge

KYOCERA UK has signed the 10:10 climate pledge and committed to reducing our carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. We're publishing our progress towards achieving our 10% - if you'd like to see how we're getting on click here.

We are encouraging all of our customers and busness partners to join the campaign. Find out more about it at

KYOCERA Document Solutions United Kingdom - Green Card Network

Green Card is the free environmental information network for customers and associates of KYOCERA Document Solutions UK. The aim of the network is to inform our customers about environmentally responsible office practices, relevant legislation and KYOCERA's own environmental sustainability practices. It is part of KYOCERA's wider commitment to promoting environmentally responsible business. The principle of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is central to the work of the Green Card network and drives every activity that is undertaken by KYOCERA. More

KYOCERA Document Solutions United Kingdom - Environmental Policy

KYOCERA is committed to reducing the impact of its business operations on the environment. The  aim is to continuously improve our environmental performance. 

In November 2008, KYOCERA Document Solutions became the first company in our industry sector to achieve The Carbon Trust Standard. This accreditation demonstrates our ongoing commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our operations, and recognises the significant contribution of all our staff towards exceeding our carbon abatement targets.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Germany - Environmental Prize

In 2007, KYOCERA Document Solutions Germany along with the German Environmental Aid Association (DUH) and the Federal Association of Medium-size Enterprises (BVMW), established the KYOCERA Eco Award, which is designed to award small- and medium-sized businesses that have contributed to the development of new energy saving technologies and environmental protection projects. 
The objective of the joint initiative is to initiate projects among small and medium-sized businesses in Germany for reducing CO2 emissions.
On April 29, 2009, the second award ceremony of the KYOCERA Eco Award was held in Bonn, Germany.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Germany awards the second KYOCERA Eco Award, April 2009

The second award ceremony of the KYOCERA Eco Award

This award has been conducted with a donation of 100 thousand euro in total from KYOCERA Document Solutions Germany, DUH and BVMW, with 50,000 Euro being awarded to the first prize winner, 30,000 Euro to the second prize winner and 20,000 Euro to the third prize winner. The screening this time was conducted by a panel of 10 judges with Prof. Klaus Topfer, then Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and then German Federal Minister for the Environment as chairman, resulting in the selection of the following three companies out of over 60 nominees. On April 29, 2009, the second award ceremony of the KYOCERA Eco Award was held in Bonn, Germany.

First Prize

SkySails GmbH & Co. KG
The company developed high performance sails for freighters. These sails save approximately 50% of the energy previously used during navigation.

Second Prize

Lichtblick GmbH & Co. KG
The company developed natural gas-powered small co-generation facilities in cooperation with the automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen AG. This system can not only reduce household CO2 emission but also network houses to provide extra electricity for local governments as required.

3rd Prize

GROZ Beckert KG
This company developed machine knitting needles that are more lightweight than conventional needles. These needles reduce the electricity used to power knitting machines, as well as contributing to reducing lubricating oil with a change of the material.

KYOCERA Document Solutions America - Evergreen and EIP Award

Evergreen Award in America

KYOCERA Document Solutions America received the Technologies and Commodities Category Award at the 2008 Evergreen Awards. Established in 1998, these awards are given to companies that are good models to other companies, in recognition of proactive engagement in enterprise activities designed to reduce waste and recycle in consideration of the environment. This is the second time KYOCERA Document Solutions has won this award, the first being in 2005. We also won the 2008 IndustryGreen Contractor of EIP Award (Excellence in Partnership Award) - the most competitive category - recognizes companies that provide products that are kind to the environment, and have contributed most to the environment in the areas of manufacturing process and business management.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Australia - Business Clean Up Day in Australia

Activities in "Business Clean-up Australia"

In February 2009, "Business Clean Up Australia" (a business-oriented volunteer cleaning effort held yearly across Australia) was held. Twelve employees below the president participated as volunteers. Activities included the cleaning of weeds and removal of garbage at Chowder Bay National Park, and the planting of native Australian flora.

KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa - Donation of Trees

Trees are donated through the assistance of the FTFA

This project has been in continual operation since April, 2008. One tree is planted for each multifunctional product or printer sold, and the customer is asked to become an investor to purchase a tree. Trees are donated to developing areas including West Cape Province and Gauteng Province. It is an excellent opportunity for local natives to learn the importance of protecting trees.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Production Plant - Green Curtain

Green Curtains at KYOCERA buildings for saving energy in a natural way

The Tamaki Plant has promoted various energy saving activities. One of them, which was added as a new attempt in fiscal 2009, is the "Green Curtain Activity," in which the outer walls of the plant are covered with leafy bitter-gourd vines. This activity was started by planting 25 roots of bitter-gourd at the south side of No. 1 plant? In July, the roots grew to form a beautiful 15 m-wide and 5 m-high green curtain. When the temperature of the outer wall was measured to examine its effectiveness, the average decrease in temperature turned out to be 4.1ºC.
In fiscal 2010, the will extend the curtain to achieve a greater energy-saving effect. Our hope is to expand our "Green Curtain Activities" not only in the but also in our employees' homes. For more, please click on the pic on the left.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Thailand - Big Cleaning Day

Big Cleaning Day in Thailand

On March 20, 2010, KYOCERA Document Solutions Thailand carried out a volunteer clean-up campaign known as "Big Cleaning Day." This activity was initiated from the rise of consciousness among employees about contributing to the protection of the global environment in the process of KYOCERA Document Solutions Thailand acquiring its ISO14001 certificate. The first campaign was conducted on June 3, 2006. In this campaign, the fifth Big Cleaning Day, approximately 50 employees participated in cleaning the beach of Khung Kraben Bay in Chantha-buri Province in eastern Thailand and collected litter filling 10 trash bags. KYOCERA Document Solutions Thailand has also planted mangroves as its social contribution activity helping to prevent global warming. In the future, KYOCERA Document Solutions Thailand will also be actively engaged in such environmental protection activities.

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